About Us

We are a husband, wife and dog team that is constantly searching for everyday adventures and once-in-a-lifetime trips that all members of our family can be a part of. From sampling the perfect foamy cappuccino at the neighborhood cafe to wandering hidden alleyways of a Moroccan Medina on a once in a lifetime trip, we value experiencing, eating and drinking everything that this life has to offer us. All with our small (but mighty) Daisy leading the way.

The Team

Meredith | Writer & Team Chef


California born and current Seattleite by way of Paris, Arizona, New York and Nevada. A retired professional ballet dancing bun-head turned humanitarian by day and professional traveler the rest. Dreams of living abroad again and working to bring arts education to the developing world.

 Steve | Photographer & Sherpa


Arizona country boy turned city dweller via Paris. An espresso aficionado and amateur oenophile.  Equally at home wandering the cobbled streets of Paris or trekking the Alaska Range seeking out the next photo shot. Believes there is nothing better than exploring new places and getting lost in the adventure.

Daisy | Globe Trotter & Inspiration


Also known as: Polly, Pickles, Pumpernickel, Peanut Pusher, Patient Pauli and DM. Loves chasing after mini-tennis balls, running on sandy beaches and catching the crumbs from Steve's plate. Loves hunkering beneath the bed covers, but never tires of leading the way to our next big adventure.


Our Story

Nearly three years ago, Steve and I came to a professional and personal crossroads. I had officially retired from my career as a professional ballet dancer and looked forward to finally completing my university degree. Steve wanted a change of pace from his hectic professional life. We both wanted to fulfill lifelong goals of living abroad and sought any opportunities that would allow us to do so. We couldn't wait to learn a new language, be exposed to a another culture on a daily basis and stretch beyond the experiences we had had thus far.

We did extensive research and applied to universities all over the globe. The first university we heard back from, we were accepted. Bam! We were moving to Paris. As adults returning to college with full professional careers under our belts, we were the epitome of the atypical college student. But, we were thrilled and alive! We returned to the life of studying all hours of the day, prepping for exams and consuming enormous amounts of Parisian cafés. But, unlike most college students, we had a whole life that accompanied us to Paris. Daisy is a part of our family and there was no question about whether to bring her along or not. Whatever obstacles there might be, we would find a way.

As we began the research to understand the protocols for bringing a pet abroad, there wasn't much information out there for us. Even then, the only information we were able to find was incomplete at best. We pieced together what we could find and moved to Paris without any major hiccups. But, the journey wasn't over. As we began to travel during our summers and off time, we soon realized the expense (and the heartache) that comes with boarding a dog in Paris. So, we decided to find the most cost effective and humane thing we could do while still maintaining our busy travel schedule. Daisy became our travel sidekick.

It soon became our mission to find pet-friendly airlines, hotels and trains. Shortly, it turned into more. We often stayed in budget-friendly hostels and weren't comfortable leaving her in the room while we toured around the city for fear that she might bark or be let out be housekeeping. We began taking Daisy with us on our touring. We would only visit restaurants, pubs and sites that would allow her. Originally, we worried about how much this would limit our ability to see and do things. However, come to find out, there were only a handful of incidents when our travel was limited - no, not limited, rearranged.

Voila! Ruff Travelers was born. What began as a financial necessity, has now become our mission: to find (and share with you) all of the adventures that can be had with all members of your family. We enjoy trying everything from a local hangout that we frequent weekly. to a beach vacations along the coast of Croatia, to winery tours in Bordeaux. Daisy is always a part of this big adventure.